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Traci Dusenbury, Owner / Developer

Traci DusenburyTraci Dusenbury is an “experienced NC Tax Credit Developer” through the NC Hosing Finance Agency’s Qualified Allocation Criteria. Because she has been a Principal and Developer in numerous tax credit Developments in NC.

. She has also worked with numerous entitlement cities and consortiums to leverage CDBG and/or HOME funds for the development of affordable rental housing. Traci works closely with the local governments and consortiums to meet all HUD and CDBG requirements including Davis-Bacon, Section 3, Fair Housing, and other many other reporting requirements.

Traci served on the Board of Directors for the statewide NC Community Development Association from 1995-2004 and in 2006, she became a NC licensed real estate agent and broker, and formed Halcon Properties & Consulting, LLC. She continues to work with private developers, non-profits, and local governments in the development of affordable housing and providing administration assistance to local governments. Traci’s combination of experience working with local governments, administering HOME and CDBG programs, working with the N.C. Division of Community Assistance Small Cities Program and developing and overseeing tax credit affordable housing communities gives her the unique ability to serve as a liaison between local governments and private developers in their combined efforts to develop quality affordable housing.  She is also involved with tax credit developments in Virginia.